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Jewelry collections

Precision, finish, excellence

Our trademark... Unique jewelry where every detail is treated with care. If you are looking for a meaningful piece of jewelry, you have come to the right place! Your jewel is waiting for you and we have designed it with you in mind. When we create a piece of jewelry, we determine a size, a color, imagining the future owner, and we just wait for fate to bring you together. The jewel is like a battery, a vital energy, which reveals to those who know how to read it, the quality of the soul of the person who wears it. Get ready to discover these wonders...


The Divina collection is a timeless collection. Our ancient and medieval inspirations have led us to create refined jewelry of great finesse by mixing various techniques.
Each piece of jewelry is made entirely by hand, using techniques specific to goldsmiths from another time, which guarantee an exceptional durability to all our jewelry.
Our pleasure is to melt and hammer the metal; to work it with the greatest respect and care to create an exceptional jewel.



Gallicus is a collection dedicated to all men. In short, body decorations for men.
Because men also like to wear exceptional jewelry that reveals the strength, beauty and values that drive them.