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Care & Maintenance

Cleaning, sharpening, polishing

A knife that lasts is a knife that is taken care of.

Clean the mechanics with a flattened cotton swab or toothpick, when necessary.

Avoid wetting natural wood handles: the woods are hand polished and not varnished, to allow the wood to breathe and take on the natural patina it deserves.

Use a soft, dry cloth for the handle.

We encourage you to contact us for the maintenance and refurbishment of your Renoux knife, so that it retains its qualities, as it did on the first day.

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Our products are available online on our shop. Our knives are made piece by piece and put on the website as we go along. Come back from time to time to see what's new.

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We sell our jewelry in our stores in Rocamadour in the Lot, in Barret in Charente (our workshop) and soon in Angoulême. So many places where you can try them and make them your own.

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