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The Cutlery site is renewed

By June 30th 2022No Comments

For the second time this year, our website is evolving!

2021, a year full of changes for RENOUX Cutlery !

At the end of December 2020, we invested in new workbenches, new storage space and during the whole year 2021, we are fitting out, improving and modernizing the workshop, the shop windows, the machines as well as the website (online on March 12th 2021). 

We are also choosing to be more present on social networks, especially with our new Instagram page.

In parallel with this workshop makeover, we are opening the Rocamadour store at the end of May 2021.

A dream come true... in one of the most beautiful villages of France. A sacred place, full of history, energy, mystery,...

So, to continue on this path of change, and because we always like to progress, we decided to make our website evolve a second time:

+ visibility
+ possibilities
and above all...

a MERCHANT site ! ... where you can, from now on, buy, directly, the knife of your dreams.

All you have to do is browse the pages, click and put the chosen knife in your basket - validate and off you go!

Upon receipt of the order, we will send it to you with the utmost care. 

In addition to the commercial site, we open this blog to share, exchange on subjects around the cutlery, the forge, the engraving, the sculpture, ... and many others.

We also have some surprises in store for you, with videos, our new projects, our thoughts, ...

Nice visit to all!