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Art cutlery

Precision, finish, excellence

Our knives are dedicated to those who are looking for high quality.
Owning an expensive knife is not an end in itself, but choosing an exceptional piece, exclusive and with a deep meaning, is the real luxury.
If you haven't tried it yet, you will be surprised! A unique opening sound characterizes each of our mechanicals.

The Barretois

The first born of the Renoux knives, the Barretois intrigues with its unique shape. The only knife in the range with an openwork blade, it has a unique and strong character! The emblematic knife of the Renoux House, it owes its name to the village of Barret, the cradle of Pascal Renoux's creation and know-how.


The Nautilys

All Pascal Renoux knives are inspired by history and timeless lines. The Nautilys, with its fluid line inspired by barges, offers power and lightness.


The Spacer

The Spacer is a symbol of simplicity and lightness. This knife offers a sober and timeless line.


The Amadour

In the same spirit as the Entretoise, the Amadour, with its slender lines, is inspired by pilgrims' knives. A tribute to Rocamadour.


The Angoumois

Renoux knives are knives with character. The Angoumois, with its nervous and assertive shape, takes its name from the beautiful Charente town of Angoulême!


The Mini

The Mini, a reduction of the Entretoise, combines simplicity and elegance like its elder brother.


The Rooster

The Rooster is a knife of generous shape and character. It is inspired by the hand of the workers of the earth, from our region of Aquitaine.
Le Coq... not to say Le Gaulois!


Friction knives

The last born of the Pascal RENOUX collection ! These knives with their ancestral mechanism will surprise you: robustness, precision, lightness!


The Gabarier

A knife whose lightness will surprise you!
All the selected woods are local and come from the different soils that make up our beautiful region. From Rochefort to Saintes, Cognac and Angoulême, find Le Gabarier in ash, acacia, walnut, according to the selection of the moment.